How to configure the small machine-made sand production line


Natural sand and gravel resources have been mined for many years, and the resources have been consumed less and less, resulting in the shortage of natural sand and gravel in the market, followed by soaring prices, and the supply and quality are not guaranteed, which may drag down the production of enterprises and increase their use. Cost cost. The production of river sand is simply crushed, sieved, washed to remove powder, resulting in poor quality of the finished sand and difficult sewage sludge treatment.

The material of artificial sand is excellent and stable. Artificial sand is an artificially selected raw material. The material is uniform and stable. The mineral composition and chemical composition are consistent with the raw material. The sand is clean, free of mud and other harmful impurities, and has stable performance. However, natural sand has complex raw materials and insufficient performance. Therefore, the current machine-made sand market is hot and the market prospect is also broad. So how to configure a small machine-made sand production line?

The machine-made sand crushing production line is divided into three production stages: coarse crushing, medium crushing and sand making. Therefore, the crushing sand production line is generally a three-stage solution: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, sand washing machine and equipped with vibrating screen to form a completed production line. For coarse crushing, jaw crusher is selected, which has strong crushing ability and good crushing effect on hard materials. The impact crusher is used in the middle crusher, which uses a deep cavity rotor, and the material throughput can be increased by 30%. The material with qualified particle size enters the sand making machine for sand making, and then passes through the sand washing machine to finally produce qualified machine-made sand products .


1. The jaw crusher adopts high-quality hardware, the movable jaw assembly adopts high-quality steel castings, the jaw tooth plate type and thickness are optimized, and the manganese steel alloy material is used to ensure the reliability and durability of the operation of the equipment. Increase output and reduce use cost.

2. The selected counter-attack crushing equipment has strong processing capacity, high-strength rotor, heavy-duty design, large moment of inertia and impact crushing force, and is more suitable for crushing bulk materials.

3. The selected sand making machine is Xingbang Heavy Industry's new generation of machine-made sand production equipment, which combines high stability and high productivity, and is often used in the final process of the crushing sand production line.

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