How to choose a mobile crusher or a fixed crusher?


As the main equipment for sand and gravel production, crushers have various types and models. According to the main difference, it can be divided into mobile crusher and fixed crusher. From a literal point of view, we can know the biggest difference between the two crushers, one is movable, the other is fixed and non-movable.

The fixed crushing production line has a long service life, mature and stable technology, and most mine crushing stations are fixed. With the development of mining equipment technology and process technology, cost-effective mobile crushing plants are also very popular. So, what are the advantages of mobile and stationary crushing production lines? Which is higher investment cost? How to choose?

Fixed crusher:

1. As a traditional crusher, the fixed crusher has the advantages of low price, simple design, small area and low investment. Common ones are jaw crusher, revolving crusher, cone crusher, counterattack crusher, and impact crusher.

2. The site of the fixed crusher is fixed and cannot be moved at will.

3. Corresponding infrastructure construction is required for the fixed crushing production line to be put into production, and supporting auxiliary machinery is also required. The preparation time is long and cannot be put into production immediately.

Mobile crusher:

1. Xingbang crawler crushing equipment adopts crawler vehicle chassis, fully hydraulic drive, equipped with different types of crushers, feeders, belt conveyors and other auxiliary equipment. The unit is integrated and can be directly operated, eliminating the cumbersome infrastructure installation And time consumption. It is equivalent to a complete production line, and the price is more expensive than a single fixed machine.

2. Light weight, small size, high flexibility, strong maneuverability, can directly drive into the narrow work site, without fear of narrow terrain and harsh environment, suitable for frequent site replacement production methods.

3. Automatic centralized lubrication system makes maintenance more convenient.

In summary, the fixed crusher and the mobile crusher have their own advantages, and both have their outstanding points. The cost of stationary crushers is relatively low, but they need to be built and cannot be put into use immediately. The mobile crusher has flexible and diversified production methods, strong mobility, and can be put into production immediately, but the cost is relatively high.

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