What is a lime shaft kiln? How does the lime shaft kiln work


Lime shaft kiln is a kiln with an upright shape for burning lime. The modern new technology lime shaft kiln of Xingbang Heavy Industry is a modern lime kiln with environmental protection, energy saving functions, mechanization and high degree of automation. Because it adopts modern technology, it can make full use of cheap energy, especially gas that pollutes the environment (such as converter gas, blast furnace gas, calcium carbide furnace tail gas, etc.) as the main energy source, turning waste into treasure.

Working principle of shaft kiln:

The material enters the kiln from the top of the shaft kiln. It is preheated in the preheating zone in a convective manner, and then enters the upper calcining zone. The incompletely burned hot flue gas rising from the middle calcining zone is completely burned in this zone and heats the material. break down. Then, the material enters the middle calcining zone, and the hot flue gas branched out from the lower calcining zone is further heated and decomposed. Then, the material enters the lower calcining zone and continues to be calcined in a cocurrent heating mode until it is completely decomposed. The burned material finally moves down into the cooling zone. Because the kiln adopts negative pressure operation, the air for cooling the material is sucked in from the lower part of the kiln by the negative pressure in the kiln. The cooled material is discharged to the lime silo through the discharge table of the hydraulic drive at the lower part of the kiln.

Advantages of Xingbang Heavy Industry Shaft Kiln:

1. Our company uses modern new technology to continuously upgrade the shaft kiln. The shaft kiln produced now saves energy and reduces consumption, and has a high degree of automation.

2. The kiln skin is built with four layers of refractory materials in vertical masonry, which has good heat preservation effect. The temperature of the kiln skin can be controlled at about 60°C higher than the ambient temperature, which is significant in energy saving.

3. The refractory has a long service life. The material does not directly collide with the refractory on the working surface, but relies on gravity settlement and friction on the working surface; this reduces the wear rate of the refractory and extends the service life.

4. Wide fuel adaptability.

5. Less floor space; due to the vertical arrangement of the shaft kiln and the large-angle arrangement of the single bucket elevator for feeding, the compact layout of each functional area reduces the floor area;

6. Low investment; less machined parts for kiln body steel structure, lower processing cost; low installation difficulty and low difficulty in refractory masonry.

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