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【Max input size】:0.1-30mm 【Capacity】0-30t/h
Product synopsis:

Jigger is a beneficiation plant with deep chute, and the media is water, uses the pulsating vertical water flow to separate the mine in different density.

Application field:

It is mainly used for metallic ore and other non-metallic ore with large density difference, like barite.

Applicable material:

Gold ore, Copper ore, Tungstan, Tine, Lead, Zinc, Barite, Coal etc

Product Advantage


1、It applies air valve for multi chutes;
2、 It applies conice slide valve, so the work is stable with 70% lower stoppage ratio, the power consumption is low, and it can work for different mines, and improve the capacity   by 20% plus.
3、 The structure is more reasonable, so it is convenient to transport and assemble, the loading is reduced by 30%.
4、 The power consumption is reduced by more than 70%.
5、Jigger is like the fixed screener, and it is suitable for metallic ore, like Tungsten, gold ore, Tin ore, etc. It can used for fine materials like 6-8mm, and for coarse ore, like 30mm.

Technical Parameters

Model Room
Max feeding size
AM-30 4 0-30 0-50 0-160 10-15 3.0
LTA-1010 2 0-8 0-25 0-350 8-10 3.0
LTA-1515 2 0-10 0-50 0-300 20-25 5.5
JT-1070 2 0-5 0-12 0-170 6-8 3.0
JT-1515 2 0-8 0-25 0-150 16-25 4x2
JT-2020 2 0-10 0-30 0-150 30-40 7.5x2
2LTC-8T 8 0-8 0-50 0-300 20-40 1.5x4

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