Yunnan 350 t/h Granite Sand Production Line

Granite is hard and dense in texture, high in strength, weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, low water absorption, and its beautiful color can be stored for more than a hundred years. It is a good material for construction. Due to the rapid economic development, the consumption of sand and gravel resources is also increasing day by day, and natural sand and gravel resources are facing the danger of being depleted day by day. The machine-made sand produced by crushing granite has excellent quality and is very popular in the market. Due to the increasing demand in the machine-made sand industry, more and more bosses have devoted themselves to the production of machine-made sand. With the current increasing demand for sand and gravel aggregates, the Yunnan customer also plans to invest in a machine-made sand production line.


The machine-made sand crushing production line is divided into three production stages: coarse crushing, medium crushing and sand making. After on-site inspections by technical experts of Xingbang Heavy Industries, and combining the actual needs of customers, Xingbang Heavy Industries has formulated the following crushing sand production plans for customers: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, multi-cylinder cone crusher, sand making machine , The sand washing machine is equipped with a vibrating screen to form a completed production line. For coarse crushing, jaw crusher is selected, which has strong crushing ability and good crushing effect on hard materials. The impact crusher is used in the middle crusher, which has strong processing capacity, high-strength rotor, heavy-duty design, large moment of inertia and impact crushing force, and is more suitable for crushing large pieces of material. The material with qualified particle size enters the sand making machine for sand making, and then passes through the sand washing machine to finally produce qualified machine-made sand products.


1. The selected sand making machine is Xingbang Heavy Industry's new generation of machine-made sand production equipment, which combines high stability and high productivity, and is often used in the final process of the crushing sand production line.

2. The production line has strong adaptability to production, and can be used in conjunction or alone.

3. The process flow is designed in strict accordance with the standard process process. Xingbang Heavy Industry can optimize the design of the production line according to the customer's annual output and requirements to meet the different needs of different customers.

4. Xingbang Heavy Industry provides full technical support and after-sales service guarantee, so customers can save worry and effort.

Customer Reviews:

In this project, we saw the excellent professional knowledge and responsible attitude of Xingbang Heavy Industry's technical experts, which made us very relieved and felt that we had made no mistake. The configured production line is scientific and reasonable, and has strong adaptability to production. The finished product has uniform particle size and good particle size, and it is worth cooperation!


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