Xingbang Heavy Industry Ilmenite Concentration Production Li

    Ilmenite is an oxide mineral with metallic luster. It is widely used in industrial fields. It has broad application prospects in the fields of construction, aerospace, aerospace, machinery, chemical industry, etc., and its use value is extremely high. With the continuous rapid development of the global economy, the demand for ilmenite from domestic and foreign companies has increased rapidly, which has further stimulated the development of the mineral processing industry.



After on-site inspection, the experts of Xingbang Heavy Industry have configured the following magnetic separation production lines for customers according to their production needs and output requirements: vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + vibrating screen + feeder + ball mill + spiral classifier +Spiral chute + flotation machine (rough selection) + flotation machine (selection). The uniform ore slurry is slowly fed to the spiral groove surface through the ore feeding trough installed at the head end of the spiral trough for sorting. The end of the spiral groove is equipped with a valve block type product intercepting groove, and the sorted products are divided into three types according to the grade along the radial direction. The position of the regulating valve block is used to change the intercepting width of each product, and the product gathering bucket collects and derives the intercepted multi-head ore streams. The cross section of the spiral chute and the change of the slope of the curve are especially suitable for the selection of fine particles.



    1. It has strong adaptability to production and can be used in conjunction or alone to better obtain excellent beneficiation indicators.

    2. The selected ball mill can achieve the specified output under the condition of ensuring the required grinding fineness.

    3. The equipped spiral chute has the advantages of high efficiency, high recovery rate, accurate ore separation, and strong adaptability to fluctuations of ore supply, concentration, particle size and grade.

    4. The process flow is designed in strict accordance with the standard process process. Xingbang Heavy Industry can optimize the design of the production line according to the customer's annual output and requirements to meet the different needs of different customers.

    5. Xingbang Heavy Industry provides technical support to customers throughout the process, and after-sales service is guaranteed, so that customers can save worry and effort in subsequent production.


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