Xingbang Heavy Industry Fertilizer Production Line

    The macronutrient elements nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in the soil usually cannot meet the needs of crop growth and need to be supplemented by fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Fertilization can not only improve soil fertility, but also an important measure to increase crop yield per unit area. Chemical fertilizer is the most basic and important material input for agricultural production. In addition to the micronutrient elements that are not lacking in the soil, other nutrients require the application of micronutrient fertilizers. Grade is the main indicator of fertilizer quality. It refers to the percentage of effective nutrient elements or their oxides in fertilizer products.



    After on-site inspection, the experts of Xingbang Heavy Industry have configured the following fertilizer production lines for customers according to their production needs and output requirements: bucket elevator + drum screen + dryer + dryer + pelletizing tray. Using two-stage drying, the drying effect is better and the drying efficiency is fast. While steadily developing fertilizer products, fertilizer production enterprises use the raw materials, intermediate products and fertilizer products in the production process for in-depth processing to produce high value-added fine chemical products, extend the industrial chain, and realize the combination of fertilizer and chemical products to improve their economic benefits. Important way.

    Project Benefits

    1. High degree of automation, stable operation, high reliability, automatic control, small temperature change range, stable product quality.

    2. Xingbang Heavy Industry adopts advanced drying technology and high-temperature rapid drying technology, with large heat transfer coefficient, high thermal efficiency and high drying intensity.

    3. A special scraper device is used in the dryer to avoid the phenomenon of material sticking to the wall.

    4. The pelletizing disc has good pelletizing effect, large production capacity, good and uniform pellet size, and high pass rate.

    5. Equipped with corresponding dust removal and noise reduction equipment, the production line is green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.


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