Xingbang Heavy Industry Copper Mine Magnetic Separation Prod

    Different copper ore should use different magnetic separation methods. Generally speaking, if the impurities in copper ore are mainly magnetic, then a copper ore tailings magnetic separator should be used for copper ore magnetic separation; if the impurities are mainly strong magnetic, permanent magnet drum magnetic separation should be used Machine to operate. The more times of magnetic separation, the finer the copper ore size and the better the effect of removing impurities.



    After on-site inspection, the experts of Xingbang Heavy Industry have configured the following magnetic separation production lines for customers according to their production needs and output requirements: vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + vibrating screen + feeder + ball mill + spiral classifier + Magnetic separator (rough selection) + Magnetic separator (selection). After the magnetic drum rotates, the copper ore is uniformly fed to the magnetic field area by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. As the magnetic drum rotates, the magnetic substance is adsorbed on the surface of the drum. After the magnetic substance is brought to the Fei magnetic area along with the magnetic roller, it is unloaded. The non-magnetic and if the magnetic particles are different from each other because of their different magnetic forces. Through such a workflow, impurities are removed and copper ore is selected.


    1. It has strong adaptability to production and can be used in conjunction or alone to better obtain excellent beneficiation indicators.

    2. The selected grinding equipment can achieve the specified output under the condition of ensuring the required grinding fineness.

    3. With different magnetic system design and tank structure, it can better solve the consideration of multi-ore composition and use before the processing plant.

    4. The process flow is designed in strict accordance with the standard process process. Xingbang Heavy Industry can optimize the design of the production line according to the customer's annual output and requirements to meet the different needs of different customers.

    5. Xingbang Heavy Industry provides technical support to customers throughout the process, and after-sales service is guaranteed, so that customers can save worry and effort in subsequent production.


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