Xingbang Heavy Industry Concentrate Drying Production Line

    At present, concentrators have stricter requirements for the moisture content of antifreeze and concentrate packaging, such as tungsten concentrate 0.05%-0.8%, molybdenum concentrate less than 4%, manganese concentrate 8%-9%, copper concentrate , Lead-zinc concentrate is less than 8%, etc. Concentrate dehydration after beneficiation is difficult to meet the requirements only through concentration and filtration operations, and drying and dehydration are still required.



    The minerals obtained after beneficiation have a high water content and need to be dehydrated to obtain dry minerals. The wet ore powder is directly sent to the dehydrator by the feeding equipment, and the water is separated from the mineral surface under the action of centrifugal force; the dehydrated material is transported to the dryer by a belt conveyor for drying, and after drying, it is discharged by the unloading screw, and the exhaust gas is dedusted The dust is removed and discharged into the atmosphere.

    Project Benefits

    1. High degree of automation, automatic control, small temperature change range, stable product quality.

    2. Xingbang Heavy Industry adopts advanced drying technology and high-temperature rapid drying technology, with large heat transfer coefficient, high thermal efficiency and high drying intensity.

    3. A special scraper device is used in the dryer to avoid material sticking to the wall.

    4. Stable operation and high reliability.

    5. Equipped with corresponding dust removal and noise reduction equipment, the production line is green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.


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