South Africa 400 t/h gold ore crushing production line

Gold ore refers to ore containing gold elements or gold compounds. It can be processed into gold concentrates or gold ore with higher gold-bearing grades. Gold concentrates need to be refined by smelting before they can become fine gold and gold products. Economic value Extremely high. South Africa is a country rich in gold ore resources, and its gold reserves rank first in the world, and South Africa has the world's largest gold mine, the Rand Gold Mine. The South African customer needed to configure a gold ore crushing production line, and after many comparisons, he chose Xingbang Heavy Industry to cooperate.


After on-site inspection by technical experts of Xingbang Heavy Industries, and combining with the actual needs of customers, Xingbang Heavy Industries has formulated the following configurations for customers: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, circular vibrating screen. The gold ore after blasting is transported to the jaw crushing cavity through a vibrating feeder for rough crushing. The crushed material is sent to the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher by a belt conveyor for medium and fine crushing. After two processes, the processed material enters the circle. The vibrating screen screens out the finished materials that meet the customer's needs, and the unqualified materials will be sent to the cone crusher and crushed until they are qualified.


1. The process flow is designed in strict accordance with the standard process process. Xingbang Heavy Industry can optimize the design of the production line according to the customer's annual output and requirements to meet the different needs of different customers.

2. Reasonable production line configuration, stable and efficient production, and more energy saving than similar products.

3. Leave a surplus of production capacity, which is convenient for users to change or upgrade the production line.

4. The entire production line is equipped with corresponding dust removal and noise reduction equipment, which is green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

Customer Reviews:

Choosing remotely made in China is the high quality of Xingbang Heavy Industry's products, and the sincerity of excellent sales staff makes us see Xingbang Heavy Industry as an excellent partner. The high quality of all products in the entire production line proves that this choice is right, and I look forward to the next cooperation!


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