Hunan 300t/h Diopside Crushing Treatment Project

Diopside is a natural calcium-magnesium silicate with a hardness of 5.5-6. Because it can realize low-temperature fast firing of ceramics and improve the performance of ceramics, it is widely used in electrical porcelain, architectural ceramics and daily ceramic industries. Good new energy-saving additives and ceramic raw materials, so the finished product requires high fineness index and low impurity content. The diopside mine owned by the Hunan customer needs to add a crushing production line due to the expansion of production capacity. After various investigations and understanding, the customer finally chose Xingbang Heavy Industries.


After on-site inspection and analysis by technical experts, as well as the actual needs of customers, a convenient two-stage crushing production line was finally designed for customers. Machine configuration: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, vibrating screen. During production, the large diopside rock material enters the jaw crusher through the vibrating feeder, and then the primary crushed stone material is sent to the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher by the belt conveyor for secondary crushing, and the finished product enters the vibrating screen. Sieving. After screening, the qualified stones are output by the belt conveyor as finished materials, and the unqualified stones directly enter the cone crusher to be crushed again until they are qualified.


1. The entire production line is customized according to customer needs, scientific and reasonable, full technical support, after-sales service guarantee, customer peace of mind and effort.

2. The entire production line is equipped with corresponding dust removal and noise reduction equipment, which is green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

3. Reasonable production line configuration, small floor space, low investment and short payback period.

4. The configured crusher has excellent quality, wear resistance, large processing capacity and low operating cost.

5. Xingbang Heavy Work is a strong enterprise with reliable equipment quality and guaranteed after-sales service.

Customer Reviews:

The production line after careful and reasonable configuration by the technical experts of Xingbang Heavy Industry, the production volume is large, and the production line runs smoothly, the investment is lower than the same type, and the return cycle is fast. And it is equipped with corresponding dust removal and noise reduction equipment, which is environmentally friendly. Is a good choice worthy of our trust!


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