Guangdong construction waste 220t/h crushing, screening and

With the rapid economic development, the amount of construction waste generated and discharged in cities is also rapidly increasing, and the market for reuse of sand and gravel aggregates produced by construction waste crushing is also increasing. After being crushed by the crusher, waste building concrete and waste masonry can produce coarse and fine aggregates, which can be used to produce concrete and mortar of corresponding strength grades or to prepare building materials such as blocks, wallboards, and floor tiles. The muck can be used for road construction, pile foundation filling, foundation foundation, etc. The Guangdong client found that the construction waste crushing, screening and reuse project was promising, and planned to engage in the construction waste treatment and reuse project.


Due to the large-scale construction waste accumulation plant in the local area, after on-site inspection, it was decided to equip the customer with a fixed crushing and screening production line. The vibrating feeder uniformly transports the construction waste to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing. The intermediate crushing stage of the material adopts an impact crusher, followed by a high-frequency vibrating screen, and unqualified materials are returned through the belt to continue crushing.


1. The construction waste crushing and screening production line has stable performance, high efficiency and long service life, which brings great convenience and substantial profits to users.

2. The production line is environmentally friendly, has low energy consumption, and is equipped with dust removal and noise reduction equipment as needed, reducing dust and noise pollution in the production process.

3. Xingbang Heavy Industry provides technical support to customers throughout the process, and after-sales service is guaranteed, so that customers can save worry and effort in subsequent production.

4. The market prospect of construction waste recycling and reuse is very broad, and the market demand is large, and the return period is short.

5. The selected crusher has compact structure, stable performance, high efficiency and reliability. The crushed sand and gravel aggregate has reasonable gradation and excellent grain shape.

Customer Reviews:

The appearance, performance and cost performance of the equipment are what I like very much. The machine has a compact structure, stable performance, high efficiency and reliability. Since it was put into production, the production has been very stable, and there have been no production problems. The crushing volume is large and the crushing ability is strong. Pre-sale support, sales and after-sales service are in place and comprehensive!


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