300tph limestone crushing line in Shanxi

The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Lime and limestone are a large number of raw materials used in construction materials and industries. The limestone sand production line is located in Shanxi. The stone produced by Shanxi customers is mainly used for highway construction, so it has higher quality requirements for the finished stone. After inspection and comparison, they finally chose Xingbang Heavy Industry equipment.


In this production line, we have configured C series jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, etc. for customers. The material to be crushed is conveyed by the vibrating feeder into the jaw crusher for coarse crushing, and then enters the impact crusher through the conveyor belt for medium and fine crushing. The crushed materials are sent to the vibrating screen by a conveyor belt for screening, and output 0-5mm, 10-30mm part of the aggregate. The rest of the materials will enter the regulating silo, and be sent to the sand making machine by the conveyor belt for processing, and then screened by the vibrating screen, and the finished product will be 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm high-quality aggregate.


1. The production line configured by Xingbang Heavy Industry has a high degree of automation, a large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, and large processing capacity. The crushed product is in a cube shape and has a low needle flake content.

2. The configured impact crusher rotor adopts a high-light and heavy-duty design, with stronger rotational inertia and impact crushing force, which is more suitable for the crushing of bulk materials.

3. Xingbang Heavy Industries conducted on-site inspection and configured the process according to the customer's production site, so that the production line can run smoothly and give full play to the advantages of the equipment.

4. The maintenance is simple, the cost is low, and there is still more room for expansion in the later period.

Customer Reviews:

The engineers of Xingbang Heavy Industry worked tirelessly and personally came to me for on-the-spot investigations and customized my crushing production line according to my needs. We have communicated with us many times to understand our needs, and we also have timely return visits after sales to actively understand the usage of the production line. It made me feel that Xingbang Heavy Industry's service is particularly good, and since the start of production, the production line has been stable and efficient in production and strong in crushing capacity!


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