300tph gold ore crushing line in Hebei

Gold ore is a metal ore with high industrial value. As the value of gold continues to increase, the gold ore processing industry has also developed rapidly. Due to the huge profits of gold ore mining, many people have turned their attention to gold ore processing and mining projects. Gold ore processing has to go through three stages, namely crushing, grinding and beneficiation. Among them, the crushing of gold ore is one of the indispensable procedures in the process of gold ore processing. This time, it is mainly to develop a gold ore crushing production line for Hebei customers.


After on-site inspection by technical experts of Xingbang Heavy Industry, and according to the actual needs of customers, the following crushing plan was formulated for customers: Large pieces of gold ore are evenly sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder through the silo. Coarse crushing: After the coarsely crushed gold ore is screened by a vibrating screen, it is sent to a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher by a belt conveyor for fine crushing. Then carry out subsequent grinding and flotation.


1. The full set of production line equipment has a high degree of automation, does not require too much labor, saves a lot of labor for the enterprise, and the automated production saves time and peace of mind.

2. Xingbang Heavy Industry's crusher is of high quality, strong and reliable crushing capacity, wear-resistant materials are used for vulnerable parts, with good wear resistance, toughness and impact resistance, and long service life of the parts.

3. Tailor-made according to the actual situation and needs of customers, which can meet customers' production expectations to a large extent and bring customers a good production experience.

4. Environmental protection, low energy consumption, equipped with dust removal and noise reduction equipment as needed to reduce dust and noise pollution in the production process.

Customer Reviews:

There was a cooperation with Xingbang Heavy Industry before, and the last production line was designed and configured by Xingbang Heavy Industry, which left a deep impression on us. So this time as soon as there was a need, we immediately contacted Xingbang Heavy Industry to design for us. Perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sales service make us very worry-free. Moreover, the investment cost is low, the payback is fast, and the quality is excellent!


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