150tph stone crushing project in Liaoning

With the continuous development of society, the market demand for construction sand and gravel aggregates is increasing, so more and more people turn their attention to the construction sand and gravel aggregate market. The configuration of the 150 t/h mine crushed stone production line in Liaoning is designed by Xingbang Heavy Industry’s technical experts based on on-site investigations and the actual requirements of customers, so that the production line fully reflects the rationality, effectiveness and applicability of the design. Features such as high performance, large processing capacity, low wear, and low operating cost. According to different process requirements, various types of crushing equipment can be combined to meet the different process requirements of customers.


When the production line is working, the original mine crushed rock is first crushed by the vibrating feeder jaw crusher. This process is also called primary crushing, and then enters the impact crusher for secondary crushing. After processing, the qualified materials can be packaged, and the unreasonable materials enter the crushing equipment through the conveyor again to realize the cyclic crushing process, repeating the process until the particle size of the finished product meets the needs of users.


1. Xingbang Heavy Industry has many years of experience in stone crushing production line design and professional engineering designers, who can design its high-quality crushing and screening production lines for customers.

2. The stone production line designed by Xingbang Heavy Industry has strong rationality, high effectiveness, wide applicability, large processing capacity, low wear and low operating cost.

3. Environmental protection, low energy consumption, equipped with dust removal and noise reduction equipment as needed to reduce dust and noise pollution in the production process.

4. The stone production line has stable performance, high efficiency and long service life, which brings great convenience and rich profits to users.

Customer Reviews:

After many inspections, Xingbang Heavy Industry was finally selected. Since the stone production line was put into production, it has stable performance, high efficiency, and long service life, which has brought us great convenience and huge profits. Moreover, the technical experts of Xingbang Heavy Industry are very responsible, tailor-made production lines for us, and provide comprehensive after-sales service. Looking forward to the next cooperation!


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